Sha Tao Healing & Transformation Day

Sha Tao Healing & Transformation Day

Discover the Ancient Tao Wisdom for Healing and Transformation!

Are you tired of struggling with physical, mental, emotional, or relationship challenges? Do you long for a powerful and holistic solution that can transform your life beyond words? Look no further! Introducing the Sha Tao Healing & Transformation Day

A one-day online workshop packed with ancient Tao wisdom, Tao technologies, and sacred techniques that will uncover the power of Tao in your life.

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Includes 1 Tao Rainbow Light Treasures (Value $400) & 1 Tao Light Soul Operation (Value $1,000)


Dr & Master Sha

Tao Grandmaster | World Renowned Healer | Global Spiritual Leader

Dr & Master Sha is not just an ordinary healer; he is a Tao Grandmaster and world-renowned expert in healing and transformation. With over twenty-two years of experience, he has touched countless lives, guiding them on their journey to wellness and happiness. But don't just take our word for it. Research teams, including twenty-three MDs and PhDs, have conducted nineteen clinical studies involving over six hundred subjects. And the results?

Astounding improvements in subjects' well-being, with some experiencing complete resolution of their illnesses. Dr & Master Sha's methods have been presented in twenty-nine research reports at medical conferences, establishing his expertise and credibility.

Don't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the profound healing and transformation that Tao wisdom could bring to your life.

Join Dr & Master Sha on April 20th from 2pm to 5pm EST for a day packed with sacred teachings, powerful techniques, and the knowledge to overcome any challenge.

To secure your spot and unlock the abundance of Tao technologies and sacred techniques, click the button below. Remember, your life could be transformed beyond words.

Transform Your Life with Tao Technologies and Sacred Techniques

Join us on April 20th for the Sha Tao Healing & Transformation Day, where you'll uncover the secrets of Ancient Tao Wisdom and its transformative power.

This exclusive online workshop brings together the most powerful Tao technologies that could help in the healing process of your physical, mental, emotional, and relationship challenges.

Discover what Tao is and how it can be harnessed to bring profound healing and transformation.

Learn about Tao Calligraphy, a unique and potent form of calligraphy that carries powerful positive messages and frequencies to align your soul, heart, mind, and body.

Experience the transcendental power of Tao Song, a deeply moving and soul-soothing sound that can unlock blockages, release negative emotions, and bring harmony to your being. Dive into the wonders of Tao Water, infused with sacred blessings, to nourish and cleanse your body, mind, and spirit.


Take a journey into the world of Tao Light Treasures

BONUS #1- VALUED AT $1,000

One Soul Operation

This powerful operation works on a deep soul level, removing blockages and aligning your soul with the Tao to accelerate your healing and transformation.


One Tao Rainbow Light Treasure

This treasure carry the sacred frequencies of love, forgiveness, compassion, and more, capable of bringing balance and restoration to all aspects of your life.


Spiritual Body

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Feeling fully cleared and nourished by the Tao Field’s light

The light from the Tao Field is creating a warmth in my body and creating an energizing feeling that feels like a gentle humming going through me. I feel fully immersed in the spiritual light, lit up with the Tao light-filled blessings. Beyond grateful.

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Tao Soul Light Operation activated and cleared my energy pathways

I asked for the Tao Soul Light Operation to offer healing for my lower back. As soon as Master Sha started to do the spiritual light clearing, I felt my Kundalini activate and flow from one side to another side. I am still feeling a bit jittery and my back feels great! Thank you Master Sha!

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Felt deep healing and cleansing, beyond my expectations

Master Sha, it was like healing for countless lifetimes in one instant. I could feel space, expansion and emptiness in my heart. Warm vibrations and a new sensation of connection in my heart. This is a huge cleansing. The Tao Soul Light Operation is beyond what can be conceived. I do not know anywhere else we can receive this time of revolutionary healing.

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Deep transformation for my whole being with the Tao Light Blessings

Master Sha, most grateful to you. As the Tao Rainbow Light Treasures were transmitted, I felt and saw spirals of energy moving deeply through my body, clearing density and negative energy. So much pain was released & and created elevation within my being.

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I feel enormously energized and a deep feeling of joy in my heart

WOW! Tao Chi Tao Calligraphy was exceptionally powerful! I have a lung condition. My energy has been like a low gas tank for my physical body. This Tao Calligraphy ignited the energy levels for me. My heart is joyous. Thank you Master Sha for everything you are bringing to relieve the suffering of all.

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It was phenomenal to feel the high-frequency and healing power of the Tao Calligraphy Master Sha wrote

Wow, so blessed to witness the creation of this new Tao Chi Tao Calligraphy energy from its Tao Field. I feel my heart opening more and more. You are infinitely generous, I am so grateful.

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The spiritual light and power of the new Tao Light Transmission is jaw-dropping

Thank you Master Sha we are beyond blessed. As I received the Tao Chi Rainbow Light Transmission as a demo, I saw the gigantic ball of light condense to enter my crown chakra (head area). Felt a huge splash of spiritual light at the bottom of my feet, which radiated around the feet nourishing them.


Physical Body

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Physical pain completely disappears after few minutes of Tao Blessings

My pain is gone. So happy and grateful! My life has changed so much because of you Master Sha. Thank you.

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Better movement for my neck within minutes and no pain!

I felt energy moving in my shoulders, neck, and upper back. I know there is extraordinary healing going on there. There were sharp sensations and then the pain was gone. Like there was an adjustment of the bone-alignment. The range of movement in my neck is better now. I'm healing! So grateful.

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After receiving a Tao Rainbow Light Transmission my daughter’s chronic health condition has been transforming

My daughter who suffers from severe Atopic eczema got much better in one month after she received a Tao Rainbow Light Transmission for lungs and practiced with it.

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My eyesight became clearer and better after few minutes of Tao Blessing

I requested healing for my eyes during the Tao Soul Light Operation. Just after these few minutes, my eyes feel clearer already! I felt so much clear energetically from behind my eyes as well. Thank you so much Master Sha.

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Pain in different parts of my body was disappearing completely

This was so powerful, thank you so much Master Sha! Today there was quite some pain throughout my body in different areas. I asked for healing for my back. And now not only the pain in my back got better, the pain is also less in my left arm and left leg. I feel so much better now!

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Incredible! My intense headache is completely gone

There was a huge clearing at the back of my head. I could feel massive draining of fluids and blocked energy flowing outward and downward from my head. My 7/10 headache is completely gone! I feel so much space at the base of my skull and back of my neck now. Thank you Master Sha and Source.

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Eye pain completely transformed after Tao Soul Light Operation

Thank you Master Sha for the powerful Tao Soul Light Operation! I had been experiencing pain in my right eye. This morning the pain was about 5/10. Now my eye pain is gone! Very grateful for this service.

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Chronic back pain decreased significantly after Tao Soul Light Operation

I asked for healing for my lower back. I was experiencing full aches in my lower back the last couple days. After the Tao Soul Light Operation the pain went down to 2/10. Very grateful.

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Tao Soul Light Operation reduced my neck pain right away

I asked for healing for my neck pain.I feel so much better! Pain went from 7/10 to 2/10.

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Leg pain reduced and I felt a deeper healing for the grief I was holding on to

I began to feel a softening of the pain in my leg as we were doing the Tao breathing exercises. Then I felt an immediate release of the pain once Master Sha began the Tao Soul Light Operation. A lot of grief was released and transformed as well. Incredible. I am beyond grateful. Thank you Master Sha.

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I can bend down and touch the floor with my hands again, without any pain

After receiving all the Tao Rainbow Light Transmissions and blessing my mobility has increased. Now I can touch the floor with my full palms, and stretch my back all the way down without any pain or discomfort! Thank you so so much Master Sha!

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Deep transformation for the pain in my hips

My left hip was in a lot of pain, 7/10. After Tao Soul Light Operation, the pain right away dropped to 2/10. Throbbing sensation of pain cleared so much that I can barely notice it anymore.

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My eyesight is clearer after Tao Soul Light Operation

I asked for the Tao Soul Light Operation to heal my eyes. I felt energy spinning and a bit of pressure in my eyes. Immediately after, I see clearer! Wow, I am so happy to share my experience with you. Deepest Gratitude Master Sha.

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Post-surgery pain completely gone after Tao Blessings

The Tao Soul Light Operation blessing came to my lower abdomen. There was pain in that area of my body since the surgery, and has been functioning poorly. Now I feel a complete relief. Feels like a miracle.

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Tao Light Transmissions are helping me manage my pain from chronic conditions

I received the Tao Soul Operation for the neuro muscular skeletal system. I felt the light enter my spinal column, radiate through the bones throughout my body in tingling and warm sensations. I continue to feel the tiniest vibrations throughout my body. I have had thoracic compression fractures since 12/6/23, and osteoporosis for 5 years. The pain in my spine dropped from 7/10 to 5/10 today.

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I am feeling positive shifts in my chronic health condition of 20 years

Thank you Master Sha, I asked for a Tao Soul Light Operation for my condition of cramped abdomen. I felt high-level spiritual light coming to my abdomen. I have had this condition for 20 years, and I am beginning to feel relief.

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Chronic hip pain gone within few minutes of Tao Soul Light Operation

I requested for the Tao Soul Light Operation to heal the deep pain in my left hip. Within minutes, it was gone! This has been chronic pain until now. I am feeling so light and can move much better now. Super happy! Thank you, Master Sha.

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Severe heartburn fully transformed after receiving Tao Light

I was experiencing severe heartburn and acid reflux throughout my upper torso since morning. After the Tao Soul Light Operation and delivery of the Tao Rainbow Light Treasures, the symptoms are completely gone! I feel immensely calm and pleasantly warm in my stomach area.

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Walking is much easier now and there is no more stiffness

Since the Tao blessings, I can get up and walk better. My legs are not feeling as heavy, and there is greater mobility. Thank you so much Master Sha, this is incredible!

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Chronic bronchitis has been transforming gradually for me

I have had bronchitis since last year. After the Tao Soul Light Operation I can breathe better and there is more space in my lungs. Very grateful!

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Such deep healing of my heart, that palpitations were gone!

I frequently experience severe heart palpitations, and today I was feeling them severely. After the Tao Soul Light Operation and Tao Rainbow Treasures were given, my heart palpitations are completely gone! Feel so blessed, and give my deepest honor and gratitude to Master Sha.

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The eye that has cataract is seeing better now after Tao Blessing

I went to my eye doctor yesterday and found that there is cataract in my left eye. I was to be evaluated further and scheduled for surgery. During the Tao Soul Light Operation, I felt pressure on my left eye. Now, I notice a HUGE IMPROVEMENT in the vision of my left eye even without lenses! I feel confident that I won’t need the surgery if I regularly practice with the Tao Rainbow Treasures. Thank you Master Sha.

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My severe toothache is completely gone, wow!

This morning I woke up with a toothache with a 9/10 pain level. After the Tao Soul Light Operation, I can barely feel any pain! I cannot thank you enough, Master Sha, for this immense relief.

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30-year chronic spinal issue is beginning to heal for me

Thank you Master Sha for these powerful Tao Rainbow Light Treasures. I received one for my spinal column. I have had issues with my tailbone for 30 years after an accident. After receiving the Tao Rainbow Treasures it has finally begun to transform. My lower back is now more flexible, and my head finally stands straight on my neck and shoulders. The stiffness around my tailbone has been transforming as I practice with the Tao Rainbow Light Treasures. Thank you for this opportunity to transform this issue that has caused me so much suffering for the past 30 years.

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Sensation is slowly coming back to my numbed out foot!

I requested one of the Tao Rainbow Light Treasures for my right foot. It had been numb and did not have any sensation for quite a while. After the transmission from Master Sha, as I chanted, I began to feel prickling sensations in my foot again! It looks like the energy and blood has begun to flow to the foot again, and sensation is gently returning. Thank you!

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The pain in my head continued to transform with the Tao Light Blessing

Thank you Master Sha for all you have done for me and my family. I am so grateful to have had this Tao Soul Light Operation today. My head feels lighter, and has no pain.

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My back pain began decreasing rapidly after the Tao Blessing

Thank you so much Master Sha. I requested healing for my back pain and now I do not feel any pain anymore! I actually felt blockages releasing for many more areas connected with my back and spine.

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Sha Tao Healing & Transformation Day created positive transformation for me

I had a bad headache and now it is released after all the transmissions from Master Sha.

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Felt such deep relief for my digestive system so instantly

Feel much more calm and relaxed. Very grateful to Master Sha for this revolutionary way to transform the root causes of our issues. I could feel my digestive system much more peaceful and calm; it’s like night and day. You give us a new opportunity to instantly change our negative conditions. Look forward to continuing practices to do my 50% part for total change.

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My chronic back pain has been decreasing and I feel hopeful about a full recovery

I received Tao Rainbow Light Transmissions and Tao Soul Light Operation for my lower back. The pain would radiate from my back to my left leg. The pain has been decreasing over time. Before it would be a lot of pain, now it never goes above a 3/10. Greatest gratitude Master Sha for all the amazing miracles.

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Tao Soul Light Operation has been transforming my chronic back pain

Thank you Master Sha for the powerful Tao Soul Light Operation. I felt the light & vibration through my whole body, and my lower back pain has reduced from 6/10 to 3/10. I am very grateful.

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My back pain went down right away after the Tao Rainbow Light Transmission was delivered

As the Tao Rainbow Light Transmission was being offered by Master Sha, I felt pleasant swirls in my back. The stiffness reduced from 5/10 down to 1/10! Extremely grateful for this Tao Rainbow Light Transmission, Master Sha! I will practice to completely transform this condition!

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The Tao Rainbow Light Transmissions are helping transform my back pain in a powerful way

Thank you Master Sha for these priceless Tao Light treasures. My back pain is much better now. I am so grateful to be here 🙏

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Tao Rainbow Light Transmissions reduced the pain in different parts of my body

My shoulder pain reduced from 6/10 to 2/10, and my left hip pain dropped from 4/10 to 2/10. I continue to feel the cooling energy flowing down both legs and feet.

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Sinuses and all aches from sores are completely gone within minutes!

Deepest gratitude to Master Sha. After the Tao Rainbow Light Transmissions the pain in the sore muscles of my legs was instantly gone. My congested sinuses completely cleared up as well.

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Tao Rainbow Light Transformation helped transform my serious skin condition

I'm extremely grateful for these Tao Rainbow Light Transmissions. They’ve helped me completely transform a pre-cancerous skin condition

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The congestion and pain after my surgery reduced significantly within minutes

I had so much pain because of a Lymphatic congestion in my right foot owing to a knee operation. The pain went down to 2/10 from 7/10 in minutes! I’m very grateful!

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Several of my chronic conditions healed during Sha Tao Healing & Transformation Day

I am a healer and have studied the Zhineng Qigong for 30 years but only after finding Master Sha’s teachings recently I began to communicate with the soul level of my issues and my life has begun to change beyond expectations. I received a Tao Soul Operation for my digestion system. My digestion has had issues since childhood, but it is transforming now so quickly and consistently with practice. ALS damaged nerves in the back have healed as well after the Tao Rainbow Light Transmissions. I am so deeply humbled and impressed by Master Sha’s service during this event. So much negative information has cleared from me, I can feel it!


Emotional Body

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Immense peace and clearing for my mind and whole being

I feel a powerful vibration through my heart chakra, and energetic vibrations throughout my body. It felt like a deep clearing of my whole body. There is no pain anywhere anymore, and immense lightness. There are also shifts in my mind, and there is peace.

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Tao Soul Light Operation helped clear my heave mind fog

Tracing the Tao Calligraphies, chanting, and doing breathing practices in this powerful Tao field is incredible. The fog and heaviness in my brain and mind keeps clearing, where I received the Tao Soul Light Operation from Master Sha. What a gift! Thank you.

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Feeling incredibly deep levels of joy in my heart after the blessing

Thank you Master Sha for all the blessings you provide to humanity! My heart is full of light that emanates throughout my body, and sometimes my body feels as light as a feather. There is so much joy in my heart now, that I had not felt before. I am grateful and blessed for all of this! Thank you.

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I received deeper clearing and transformation for anxiety and mental disorder

Tao Soul Light Operation healing blessed my eating disorder and anxiety. I feel so much lighter and hopeful. I felt incredible amounts of negative information clear from my mind and different areas of my being.


Energetic Body

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All the weariness, tiredness and lethargy was completely gone and I felt powerfully energized

“I have felt tired today since morning. Now I feel energized now. There is a very deep peace and quietness. Priceless. I cannot thank Master Sha enough. I just registered my dad and my sister as well for Saturday, because I want them to have these extraordinary results as well!

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Even though I had severe fatigue and low energy due to my health condition, Master Sha’s Tao Chi blessings gave me an extraordinary amount of energy

My energy level was low coming into this session due to my chronic health condition. Just being here my energy level now feels 11/10! THANK YOU!!!

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Wow, during the Tao Chi Tao Rainbow Light Transmissions I felt my entire body rebalancing and recalibrating energetically

I am not sure how to choose the words to express the intensity of the light that I can feel and see from the Tao Chi Tao Rainbow Light Transmission. It’s “through the roof” frequencies from this incredible Tao Calligraphy! I feel my entire body inwardly rebalancing! My entire life is opening up energetically, as blockages are being cleared from me.



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Master Sha’s Tao Blessings have transformed the suffering of my family members and myself

I thank Master Sha from my heart and soul for this opportunity to receive such a powerful healing for myself and family members. I registered them as loved ones that are not attending. So much negative information has been removed that the doctors are wondering how the healing process is going so fast for some of my family members that have been suffering from health issues. I am deeply grateful.

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Tao Rainbow Light Transmission healed my relationship with my wife

Received the Tao Rainbow Light Transmission for my relationship with my wife. Already feel as though our wedding vows have been renewed! I know that this has helped our spiritual journey and cleared so many blockages between both of us!

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During Sha Tao Healing & Transformation event my relationship with my brother began to heal

Thank you Master Sha for this event today, and all you have done to help us. I asked for healing for my relationship with my brother and I already feel so much more love between us.. So grateful


"People’s healing and transformation results are my report card.”


Nadia Rose

David Lusch

Cenly Wong

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